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The media’s guide to experts and spokespersons

What’s the best way to get media attention?

Through SOURCES®www.sources.com – the media’s guide to experts, spokespersons, news sources, and story ideas.

At SOURCES, we’ve been helping organizations, companies, institutions, and individuals get media coverage since 1977.

How? By providing journalists with great sources and story ideas – for TV, radio, print and online. When you are in SOURCES, the International Guide to Expert Sources & Media Spokespersons, the media know you are a source they can call. They see your news releases, your areas of expertise, your views and concerns – and because you’re in SOURCES, they know you’re ready and able to speak to the media.

SOURCES can help you get positive media coverage — the most credible form of publicity there is. Unlike paid advertising and other forms of marketing, media coverage is earned and grows directly out of what you do and what you know. It spotlights your successes and establishes your brand. Media coverage is also the most cost-effective form of marketing, because a single news story or TV spot about you can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.

To find out more about how SOURCES can help you increase your visibility, click here or phone us at 416-964-5735.

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Comprehensive user-friendly Canadian media directory

Media Names & Numbers is the one-stop print- and Web-based directory of Canada’s media, with listings for all print and broadcast media. You can access information for more than 5,000 publications and stations, with essential contact details including names of editors and producers, phone and fax numbers, mailing addresses, E-mails, Web sites, and information about editorial scope, circulation and audience size, languages, subscription prices, and much more.

Your subscription gives you access to the online version of Media Names & Numbers. Now you can get all this for only $109.95/year.

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